“Sun-shiny songs thriving on dark themes behind irresistible rhythms.”

Comprised of 2 Irishmen, 1 Englishman and 1 American the band came together in 2011 to make their unique brand of acoustic music; a veritable 4×4 of voices and instruments identified for their dynamic fusion of styles including folk, latin, Americana & even some bluegrass.

The four international “madrileños” (Garrett Wall, Dave Mooney, Howard Brown & Robbie K. Jones) whose artistic names derives from the dark subterranean world of New York’s subway system, present Fire On The Rails, a kicking album that grows on the work that has opened so many doors for the band.

Fire on the Rails is Track Dogs’ second LP recorded on the Studer A80 analog tape machine recovered from Abbey Road at Playground Studio in Madrid. Since Kansas City Out Groove (2018) and their compilation of ukulele-based recordings, Uke Songs By Track Dogs (2019), the band has deepened and elaborated its sound explored. Producer Germán Gutiérrez has managed to make Track Dogs pack even more punch and achieve grandeur in the sound that they’ve been cultivating over more than 100 songs in their recording career.

Track Dogs turned to Nashville talent to up the game on their new compositions. Eli Bishop (Grand Ole Opry, Wynton Marsalis) provides string arrangements for “Love And War”, “On The Last Night” and “Abi’s Lullaby”. In line with the Nashville connection, Americana star, Ashley Campbell, lends her pristine banjo picking to “Don’t Delay”. Track Dogs have extended the reach of their established sound to the realm of world music with “Love And War”. Apart from the strings of Eli Bishop and a cracking doumbek, the album’s lead track pulls together folk legends Phil Beer of Show of Hands, grammy-winning Lisa Gutkin of the Klezmatics and Fergal Scahill of We Banjo 3 to elevate the call for unity and tolerance that “Love And War” shouts for. Danny Erker (The Jones St. Boys) also adds some stellar mandolin to the track “Dragonfly’s Castle”

Track Dogs show off the group’s strength and growth in that lead vocals, are also shared out by trumpeter Howard Brown in “And The Piano Sings” – a tribute to Freddy Mercury – and percussionist Robbie K. Jones in “I’ve Needed You” and “Dragonfly’s Castle”.

What they’re already saying about the new album:

“Fire on the Rails delivers just as much pleasure as their live shows…a combination of adventurous instrumental arrangements, top-rate musicianship, tight vocals and lyrics with a punch.”
“One of the great strengths of Track Dog’s music is the eclectic mix of genres they so successfully blend…It’s far easier to identify it as the “Track Dogs sound” than it is to tease apart individual elements.”
Johnny Whalley,

“Across ten melodic and catchy songs, ” Fire on the Rails”, is the perfect up-tempo, genre-crossing, feel-good start to 2020.”
From the opening notes, the listener is taken on a journey, that explores Americana, Tijuana brass, folk, sultry swing, and Revival. With three vocalists in the band, they collectively work wondrous memorable harmonies into their songs.”
Gerry McNally,

“…they dramatically revive the early-seventies serenity of the first Eagles and Burrito Brothers.”
**** Paris-Move

“This is their sixth album and continues their inventive cocktail of folk, jazz and Americana…there’s no denying the infectious ebullience they create.”
Mike Davies, Fatea Magazine

“Some of the most addictive folk melodies of the decade.”
“A wholesome and electrifying act, Track Dogs change the face of music with their vibrant and invigorating songs to produce an album that is the best way to start 2020.”
“The upbeat melodies that Track Dogs bring to life in this album is a fresh and beautiful take on the world”

Joe Knipe,

“Fire on The Rails sparks kinetic energy, just as the title promises, reeling out ten high-octane tracks with slick production and a sizzling pulse.”
***** Bryony Hegarty, R2 Magazine

“Fire On The Rails bounces between the poles of pop and folk with trumpets and strings aplenty…this music, indeed, goes “forward in all directions”.”
Bill Golembeski,

“Track Dogs’ infectious fusion of folk and Americana is captured at its inventive best here as this multi-national quartet deliver life enhancing ditties…”

Here’s what they’re saying about “KANSAS CITY OUT GROOVE

“…genre-busting acoustic music built around folk, Americana and bluegrass…an album that will delight established fans and gain them plenty of new ones”
RNR, magazine July 2018, UK

“…based in Madrid and with instruments that include cajon, banjo, ukulele, mandolin and trumpet and, rather obviously Spanish guitar, the quartet serve up a south of the border fiesta exuberance that defies you not to stomp the heels and play air castanets….the groove is most definitely on.”
Fatea Magazine, UK

“There’s a rare combination of four great players who also have superb voices, creating stunning individual vocal performances and the almost inevitable perfect harmonies…The playing is outstanding, the harmonies are superb and it’s joyful throughout; just give it a listen.”
Music Riot, June 2018, UK

“…a delicious Ameri-Latino mix with – for lovers – the following recipe: one quarter Americana, two parts Latino, a hefty dash of strings…Let the summer erupt. The Track Dogs are in, let the summer begin! Feelgood festival music!”
Keys and Chords, BELGIUM

“…a nice melting pot of styles, which have one thing in common: the groove…how special the singing of the four is, across all genre boundaries…this summery album, which is extremely welcome to brighten up your and my bright spring days.”
Rootstime, BELGIUM

“Track Dogs grab the listeners by the collars. The dance floor beckons and must be entered. The same floor is on fire within thirty seconds…Track Dogs open the album Kansas City Out Groove overwhelmingly.”
Real Roots Café, NETHERLANDS

“…the adventurous fusion of Americana and folk gets something special with Howard Brown’s ubiquitous trumpet. These Track Dogs have unmistakably their own sound, fans of the work of Manu Chao and Calexico undoubtedly appreciate Kansas City Out Groove.”
Written In Music, NETHERLANDS

““Groovy” is not a word I often use in this column, but that’s just the adjective I need to describe Madrid-based Irish band the Track Dogs…Released at the end of last year, the album is rhythmic, soulful and simply cool. This is indie-acoustic arranged with a hippie flair.The band’s music is, like the band of ex-pats, an eclectic cultural crossover.
The Irish Echo, New York

“This band turned out to be a total discovery, with vocal harmonies on a par with groups like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, America or the most melodic style of, for example, the Eagles mixed in with the graceful irreverence of The Pogues.”
Renacer Eléctrico Music Magazine, Spain

“Their lively, melodic music has a strong American/Latin sentiment, a strong sense of fun and an abundance of sunshine”.

“Sumptuous harmonies and toe-tapping rhythm…”
Superior Americana…joyous stuff”
Hot Press, Ireland

“Never in danger of overstaying their welcome”
R2 ****